7 Years & 5 Million Man Hours Milestones Achieved at TVA Bellefonte

Seven years and five million man hours

That’s the milestone Mid-South union carpenters and other site personnel achieved recently for their work at the Bellefonte nuclear site in Hollywood, Alabama.

The 1,400 acre site is currently owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which partially built two nuclear units at the site. In late 2016, TVA executed a sale agreement with Nuclear Development, LLC, which will assume control of the Bellefonte site if and when the sale transaction closes. Many components from decades of past nuclear construction have been maintained, but others had to be removed or needed to be replaced. For instance, old scaffolds remained, which needed to be dismantled, wood mantle beams were lowered and rigging was replaced. 

For the past seven years, Mid-South carpenters, along with other site personnel, performed more than 5 million hours of work with zero lost time accidents.

“Our members are keeping the site ready with a lot of preventive maintenance,” said Mid-South’s Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Mike Boner. “Safety is always, without exception, our top priority. This milestone is hard-earned and recognizing this achievement is well-deserved.”