Mid-South Carpenters Elect Council Officers, Set Sights on Growing Membership and Market Share

At its latest Council meeting, delegates from the Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council voted in its slate of Council officers to their positions for a four-year term. 

Michael Boner (Local 223) will continue his leadership as Executive Secretary-Treasurer. Additional officers newly elected or re-elected are:

  • Rodney Graham (Local 74) is the new Council president
  • Timothy Burns (Local 1209) remains as vice president
  • Michael Kimberlin (Local 50) remains as an executive committee member
  • Two new members to the executive committee are Albino Balderas (Local 345) and Ralph Maddox (Local 318)
  • Donald Ray Trawick (Local 223) returns as a trustee
  • Two new trustees are former Council President Larry Kerley (Local 345) and Morris Graham (Local 74)
  • Matthew Boner (Local 223) remains conductor
  • Man Peavy (Local 318) is the new Warden.

The officers will now set their sights on growing membership and market share throughout Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.

“We all remain committed to keeping a steady focus on increasing man-hours, adding to our membership and servicing our existing members with first-class programs,” EST Boner said. “We are a successful Council because of our members’ ability and willingness to perform at superior levels for our employers. On behalf of the leadership team, we specifically want to thank our members for being part of something very special that we are all building together here in the Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council.” 

The Council is growing in a variety of industries and sectors such as heavy form, interior systems, scaffolding, and healthcare construction. EST Boner attributes the growth to an attention to safety, intense training, responsiveness and high customer service for employers, and a strong work ethic