Mid-South Carpenters Leverage Booming Construction Market to the Benefit of its Members

A Council Health Update from Executive Secretary-Treasurer Mike Boner

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

Thousands of dedicated, hard-working men and women who display their skills and professionalism to our employers, every day, fuel the Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council. From the first-year apprentice to the retiree, as well as our staff and training department, I know that each of you represent our Council to the best of your ability, and for that, I thank you.

This effort has paid off. And with good timing. We are able to match the booming construction market in our Councilís jurisdiction with the manpower thatís demanded. We are witnessing growth and stability throughout the Council, including an expanding employer base, and that means our members have access to more work.

By way of this letter, I would like to give you a Council Health Update and illustrate the potential we have before us:

  • Our Council is financially stable, and we have a solid budget in place and are operating well for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. This allows us to keep a steady focus on increasing man-hours and both adding to our membership and servicing our existing members with first-class programs;
  • We negotiated an important interior systems agreement in Alabama with PCI, moving our relationship from a PLA to a standard agreement;
  • In concrete, we expanded our footprint by signing a PLA with KCS Construction, a large concrete subcontractor that works throughout our Councilís jurisdiction;
  • We re-signed Mr. Davidís Flooring Ė a giant in the commercial flooring industry Ė as a signatory contractor. In fact, our flooring industry potential is growing quickly and has a healthy outlook for more work for our members in the greater Nashville market. We next are setting our sights on expanding the Memphis area;
  • Our work with our power-gen clients is going well. So well, in fact, that we are exploring how best to leverage our success to capture market share in the Green energy field;
  • And, the MSCRC has launched an ICRA (Infectious Control Risk Assessment) program for the healthcare construction industry. We see the potential for a large increase in man-hours in this emerging market for our members.

My and our staffís goals and vision for the Council are to ensure that every member has an opportunity to provide a good quality of life for their family by working in our craft. We are a stronger, bigger, more successful Council because of our membersí ability and willingness to perform at superior levels for our employers.

Thank you for being part of something very special that we are all building together here in the Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council.†

Yours in Solidarity,

EST Mike Boner† ††