Mike Boner, left, executive secretary-treasurer, Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council, and carpenters from Local 50 (from left): Ben Mullins, Mike Machado, Rick Bolinger, and Nick Carter.

TVA Engineers & Retirees Join Mid-South Carpenters to Children's Museum Project

Mid-South Carpenters stepped-up to help children in Oakridge recently by helping to renovate the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge. Specifically, they enhanced the TVA waterworks exhibit, where they needed to build a water proof deck around the exhibit so that smaller kids could get to the exhibit easier. 

A group of retirees from the TVA approached carpenters Local 50 in OakRidge for help, and were immediately accommodated by Mike Machado, Rick Bolinger, Nick Carter and Ben Mullins, who agreed to volunteer their services.

It took about three weeks for the carpenters to design and build the deck, coming to the Museum to work after their regular work day, staying as late as 10:30 p.m. to keep their part of the project on schedule so that others on the project team could work during the day.

In all, the men logged more than 180 hours to complete the job, and it came in with 100% perfect safety record and under budget. 

Mike Machado, a jobsite steward by day, was an inspiration and great teacher to the others because with his many years of experience. He guided them into completing the more complicated pieces of the design.

“This is a great example of the generosity of the union carpenters in East Tennessee and a true testament to the capabilities and partnerships of union carpenters,” said Mid-South Carpenters EST Mike Boner.

“They exemplify our values of being professional, productive and reliable, valuing safety and accuracy, working as a team and especially Mike demonstrating leadership to the others by stepping up to lead the team. We are very proud of your service.”